Forward-Collision Warning – The system assesses surrounding conditions and your speed . It will alert you with visual or audible signals to a potential crash.

Automatic Emergency Braking – This system adds to the benefits of forward-collision warning. If you don’t react in time to a potential collision, the car will initiate braking.

Blind-Spot Warning – The system scans the sides of the vehicle to warn of vehicles’   presence in blind spots. It alerts drivers with a visible or audible alert to indicate it’s not safe to change lanes.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert – This system senses objects that may cross your path as you reverse, like when you are backing out of a parking space or driveway.

Backup Cameras – The camera is activated when the vehicle is placed in reverse. The rear view is displayed on a center console screen.

Lane-Keeping Assist & Lane-Departure Warning – In addition to sensing when you leave your lane, it will induce mild steering to put you back into your lane. It may also alert you with sound or vibration warnings.

Vehicle crashes account for more than 32,000 deaths every year according to Consumer Reports.  Driver choices and human error contribute to more than 90% of them.

Consumer Reports, April 2016

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