Got tips courtesy of Newsmax:

  1. Keep aspirin available for heart attacks, antihistamines for tree allergies, and first aid kits in your home and car for accidents.
  2. Slow down alcohol consumption at parties and encourage everyone to use solft drinks as a buffer between alcoholic drinks.
  3. For stress, shop weekdays or evenings. Shop local.  Shop online.  If you dread seeing unpleasant relatives, limit your time with them to an hour or so instead of an afternoon or evening.
  4. Scary stats: Dec. 25th is #1 for cardiac deaths; Dec. 26th is #2; Jan. 1 is #3.
  5. More scary stats:  Roadways are more dangerous on the 6 days around Christmas than those surrounding Thanksgiving and New Years because of the number of people traveling & shopping.
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