It’s a snowy Friday but our referral wheel is full. Time to take it for a spin. What a fun way to end the week! The $100 Visa gift card winner is Alexander Bertolasio of Stewartstown.  Thanks for the referral Alexander.  Thanks also to the following for their referrals: Stacy Kitchell, Ashley Kyle, Carol Hoffman, Alicia Herbst, Cindy Ness, Amy Eckenrode, Dennis Leese, Joe Paterniti, Melinda Carrol, Nancy Blachowicz, Craig Frock, Donna Boyce, Eddie Turner, Sharon Waltemyer, Teri Hollway, Joe Griffith, & Shalen Greiner.  They will each receive a $10. Rutter’s gift card.  See the LIVE spin on FB.

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