Daylight Savings Time ends on November 1st. Here are some reminders as the sun goes down earlier each day:

  1.  Drive safely.  There is decreased visibility at dusk. Watch for children playing outside or riding their bikes. Reduce your speed in neighborhoods and be sure your lights are on.
  2. Exercise & play safely.  Stay visible if you walk or run in the evening.  Wear neon or light clothing and reflective armbands and hats to help motorists see you.
  3. Inspect outdoor lighting. Consider replacing your regular bulbs with energy-efficient CFLs or LEDs.  These bulbs last much longer than regular incandescent bulbs.
  4. Change your light timers.  You may need to reset them to turn on earlier because the days are getting shorter.
  5. Check your batteries.  Let the season change be a reminder to replace batteries in your home’s smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors.


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