HGTV lists 50 things to pitch.  I’ll give you a start:

  1.  Chargers for old electronics & old remote controls
  2. Scratched nonstick pans
  3. VHS tapes & mixtapes
  4. Dictionaries & manuals for appliances & electronics (they are online)
  5. Travel guide books & road maps (your phone has GPS)
  6. Random vacuum cleaner attachments
  7. Broken umbrellas
  8. Smelly towels
  9. Team uniforms the kids have outgrown
  10. Disposable cameras
  11. Checkbook registers
  12. Bridesmaid dresses (go to for donation info)
  13. Prescription eyeglasses (go to  for donation info)
  14. Musical instruments no one plays anymore (check with local schools or go to for info on how to donate)
  15. Orphan mittens & socks
  16. Take-out menus (available online)
  17. Unidentifiable keys
  18. Carpet remnants
  19. Chopsticks & soy sauce packets
  20. Dusty potpourri;  OK that’s a start!
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