Keep the battery charged. An unattended battery will eventually lose its charge.  Purchase a battery tender which hooks up to your car battery and plugs into a wall outlet. it delivers just enough electrical power to prevent the battery from discharging.  Or, if you’re not worried about losing your radio presets, clock and other settings, you can disconnect the negative battery cable.

Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended tire pressure. If it’s left stationary for too long, the tires could develop flat spots as the weight of the vehicle presses down on the tires’ footprints.  If the car will be in storage for over 30 days, consider removing the wheels and placing the car on jack stands.

A garage is the ideal place to store a vehicle but it is also attractive to mice and other rodents.  It is suggested to spread mothballs or cotton swabs dipped in peppermint oil along the perimeter of the vehicle.  The smell helps keep the mice away.  Use steel wool to cover any gaps in the car  where a mouse could enter like the exhaust pipe or air intake.

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