Warmer weather is here and it’s time for grilling! These tips for cleaning your grill are courtesy of the York Daily Record 5/5/19:

  1. Wipe down the outside of the grill & the inside of the lid. Use grill cleaner or hot soapy water. Use a strong brush or scraper to remove the gunky buildup on the lid to help prevent a grease fire.
  2. With the gas OFF, clean the flame tamers right over the gas burners underneath the metal grilling grates. A skewer, toothpick or paperclip are good for unclogging the little holes in the burners. Remove ash & debris from under the grate. Make sure the grease pan is empty.
  3. Clean the grates. Make them sparkle. For a gas grill, turn all the burners to high, shut the lid & let the grill burn for 15 minutes. Open the lid & scrub with a grill brush or grill scraper until clean. You can also remove the grates to scrub them with heavy duty cleanser & a bristled brush or SOS pads. Rinse & dry thoroughly then place back on the grill.
  4. Last but certainly not least: your grill should be at least 10 ‘ from your house and not near an open window. Place it on a fireproof and stable surface like concrete or brick. If it’s on a wooden deck you should purchase a fireproof mat for under it. Happy grilling!
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