Bottled water is the nation’s best-selling bottled beverage according to the International Bottled Water Association & published in Consumer Reports , July 2019. Does your favorite brand contain arsenic? Volvic (Danone) reports arsenic levels at 4 ppb (parts per billion). The federal threshold for arsenic in tap & bottled water is 10 ppb. Consumer Reports recommends bottled water should be less than 3 ppb. These brands have arsenic levels below 3 ppb:

Aquafina, Dasani, Deer Park, Evian, Fiji, Kirkland, Market Pantry (Target), Nestle Pure Life, Niagara, Poland Spring, Propel.

Research shows that regular consumption of low levels of arsenic over extended periods can lower IQ score in children & increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, & certain cancers. Choose (water) wisely.

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