These are quick tips for clearing the house clutter, courtesy of Prevention magazine, April 2019:

  1. Get rid of outdated fitness gadgets. If they’re dusty & dirty, trash ’em. Any fitness items like resistance bands or weights, put in a basket near where you will use them.
  2. Choose a closet shelf to clear off, wipe down, and declutter.
  3. Pitch old makeup. Get rid of lipstick & foundation after a year and mascara after 3 months.
  4. Part with kid art. Instead of keeping the physical item, take photos of them for the memories. Put a few of them on display instead of cluttering the basement.
  5. Make a sink scrub. Fill a quart mason jar with a box of baking soda & mix with 30 drops of essential oil. Sprinkle over a wet sink, add dish soap & scrub.
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