It’s Wheels Wednesday. Are you getting ready to store your classic car for the winter? Here’s some tips:

  1.  Wash & wax the car. Water stains or debris left on the car can permanently damage the paint.
  2.  A connected, unattended battery will eventually lose its charge.  Safest bet is to remove the battery & store it in a warm safe place.
  3. Fill up with ethanol-free fuel & add fuel stabilizer.
  4. Cover the car with a weatherproof car cover to keep dust, unexpected spills & accidental scratches off the paint.
  5. Avoid unwanted critters by covering the exhaust pipe & air intake with steel wool.  Mothballs or cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil along the perimeter also act as a deterrent.
  6. Maintain your insurance so there is coverage if there is a fire, theft or roof collapse (some examples).
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