It’s Wheels Wednesday. How about tips to make your commute less stressful? About 86% of us commute to work and spend an average of 50 minutes at the wheel a day.  Here are 5 tips from The Good Life magazine:

  1.  For the morning commute, make sure you have eaten something.  Basic, but it helps with the stress level.
  2. Leave earlier and check traffic via a real-time GPS or an app like Google Maps or Waze.  Time urgency (the stress of being late) is connected to blood pressure and depression.
  3. The longer your commute, the more likely to cause back or neck pain.  Avoid hunching over the wheel.
  4. Leave the errands for lunchtime instead of cramming them into your before work commute.
  5. Don’t be a lane hopper.  Changing lanes is the single most stressful activity faced in everyday driving.
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