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Is It Too Soon For A Cookout???

Another beautiful day! Temps in the mid 70's and hey, it's February! The hot dog grill practically walked itself outside. Awesome impromptu picnic! Some were enjoying their hot dogs at the picnic table.

Thinking Spring?

Mild temps today make you think of spring & summer.  Stores are advertising swimwear. Yikes! Wanna get in shape? We've saved these clients $1000-$1500 a year on their insurance: enough to pay for a personal trainer 2 times a week until Memorial Day: Kim M., John P.,...

Referral Wheel 02.14.18

Congrats to Jennifer Price of Windsor who won the $100 Visa gift card.  Thanks also to the following for their referrals: Elisa Bissoli, Philip Gurreri, Karen Whitlock, David Shuchart, Steve Farmer, Elisa Reichard, Gary Kiehl, Darla Zorbaugh, Lonnie Staley, Lindsey...

No Voicemail….

It's not a good way to start a Monday morning.  No voicemail. However, Pennsylvania Telephone will be coming to make the repairs. The old tower with the floppy disk has gone over the rainbow!

Referral Wheel 01.17.18

The Referral Wheel was full so we gave it a spin for the $100 Visa gift card winner.  The winner is Richard Apgar of Glen Rock. Thanks for the referral, Rich. Enjoy! Also thanks to the following for their referrals: Vince Card, Dan Schmidt, Shannon Barrett, Manubhai...

Dice Alley 01.12.18

Dice Alley was open at the Shrewsbury office. Lois is a new roller. She was rolling for Deana from the Hanover office.  It's always fun to end the week with the dice roll promo!

Pipe Burst, Day 2

Day 2 of the broken water pipe. Archie Bunker is looking over the multiple dryers & holes in the bathroom wall.  Getting to the conference room is a gauntlet because of the cords, multiple dryers & dehumidifier but the progress is great!

Wheels Wednesday 01.03.18

It's Wheels Wednesday. Feels like 12 degrees outside and this will be the warmest day until Monday. With a little snow on the way, the topic of the day is wheels, made me think of snow tires, chains and alternatives. Have you heard of AutoSocks?  Keep them in the...

Friday Thank You Notes 12.29.17

It's Friday & time for thank you notes: Matthew VonStein & the Young Life Southern York thanked us for contributing to YL Annual Banquet . Thanks to Andy Edmonds, Pat Boyer & Valerie Kneisley for the mentions on SYC Facebook. We received a letter from the Southern...

Referral Winner 12.27.17

Our Referral Wheel was ready for a spin for the $100 Visa gift card winner. Congratulations to Amanda Weaver of Reinholds.  Great way to end the year & start 2018! Enjoy and thanks for the referral.  Thanks also to Damian Betz, Jonathan Stambaugh (2), Andre Cruz, Bob...

Friday Thank You Notes 12.08.17

It's Friday and time for thank you notes.  We received a thank you letter from the Southern York County School District foundation for our donation and support for the foundation. Thank you to all of the following who recommended us on the SYC Facebook page on...